Champs Sunday team lunch!

Hey Barracudas!

By now many of us know that we like to go out for a meal together after our longer meets, and in recent years it has tended to be a celebration meal after we bring home the trophy (plaque) for 1st place team!

Well, win place or show, this time we’re heading back to Rudy’s BBQ, right on the frontage road next to the big Soccer stadium there in Frisco.

So, they apparently just raised their price on the catered option ($13.50 plus tax!) so we are going to offer these two choices:

  1. BBQ sandwich, chips and a bottomless drink for $9 flat – PREMADE, skip the line.  Pay in the Gift Shop and just go grab the food in our reserved section.  Quantities will be limited – we’ve only preordered 120 of these, 30 each of chopped, sliced, turkey and sausage.
  2. Get in the a la carte line and pay as you go.  And yes, we can mix and match – dad can buy the sandwich deal for the fam and go thru the main line, etc.

Address: 9828 Dallas Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034

It’ll be a late lunch.  We tend to get there at around 2 or 2.30.  Please do plan to join us if you are able and get in on the celebratin’…!

See you at the pool!

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Champs Entries – Please check!!

Please look these over ASAP! If you see mistakes please shoot me a Remind text. We have 106 swimmers!! I do believe that’s our most ever. It’s going to be a blast!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


Team Photo!! Monday!

TEAM PHOTO: Monday, April 16. We would love to have everyone in the photo. We will take the picture at 5:30. If you have a team suit, please wear it for the picture. If you do not, try to wear a black suit or red suit or a dark suit. (No Sparticus that day. Purple will swim from 4:45-5:25. Yellow/orange will swim from 5:35-6:15. Blue group, normal practice times but please stay for the picture if you’re in the 4:00 group, or come early if you’re in the 6:15 group, and if you’re Tuesday blue group please come at 5:25 Monday for the picture!)

Spring Champs!! Entries due FRIDAY

Hello Barracudas! Our spring season finale is almost here!! It has been an excellent spring season and I’m very excited to see how our swimmers do at our Spring League Championship meet. If you are on the team you are invited and encouraged to do this meet, even if you’ve only been on the team for a week! It is a two day meet in Frisco and is always a LOT of fun. On Sunday after the meet (after we hopefully win another championship!) =) we will all go out to eat together. We recommend all 7&ups doing both days but that is not mandatory (and 6 year olds are welcome to swim Sunday as well). You can do only Saturday or only Sunday if you want, but the more swimmers we have the more points we will score.

Please note: this is a championship meet and therefore this one is not free. It costs $25. There is a box you can check on the entry form (found on the “meet info/entry” tab of the blog) that will allow the Y to draft your card on file at the Y to pay for the meet. There is also a box that if you want to come in and pay for the meet in person, you can check that box.

Also, please note: Entries are due THIS FRIDAY! The meet director needs our entries earlier than usual so instead of them being due the Monday before the meet they are due this Friday.

It is a joy and privilege to coach your kids! Thanks for entrusting them to us.

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Spring Champs 2018 Meet Info (pdf)

Summer schedule

Hi Barracudas! I know many of you are turning your minds towards summer and wondering what the summer schedule is going to look like. So let me help a little.

If you go to the “practices” tab on the blog and scroll down, you will see the summer practice schedule posted for each group. For those of you who are new, we get to take most of the team outside to the Westside Y for the months of June and July and we LOVE it!! (like last year, I will probably move a few people from orange group to purple group for those two months depending on lane space. I will let you know).

Blue group: you have 3 practice times to choose from. You may not know it, but you actually chose a summer practice slot when you originally signed up, but, let’s be serious, who knew their summer schedule back in September?? You will need to email Matt Townsley ( and select a practice time. First come first serve.

So here’s an overview of the rest of spring and then summer:

TEAM PHOTO: Monday, April 16. We would love to have everyone in the photo. We will take the picture at 5:30. (No Sparticus that day. Purple will swim from 4:45-5:25. Yellow/orange will swim from 5:35-6:15. Blue group, normal practice times but please stay for the picture if you’re 4:00, or come early if you’re 6:15, and if you’re Tuesday please come at 5:25 Monday for the picture!)

Spring Champs April 21-22 in Frisco: We need everyone there for that! Let’s go win another championship and end the year round season well! =)
April 23: fun games at practice on Monday for Blue groups and Purple group! NO practice for yellow group or orange group.
April 24: fun games at practice for Yellow and Orange groups during their regular practice times!

April 25-April 30: End-of-Spring-Season Break! No practices for any groups.

May 1: Summer season begins! We will continue with the current schedule during this time however. We will not switch over to the summer practice schedule until Monday, June 4 when most kids are finished with school.

May TBD: Team Party! End of year round season party at the Ogdens!

May 20: Swim Meet at Town North YMCA

June 2: We host a swim meet at the Westside Y for the Fort Worth Y swim league!

June 4: Summer practice schedule begins!

June 9: We host a swim meet at the Westside Y for the Fort Worth Y swim league!

June 16 and 23: Swim meet at a Dallas location

June 30: NO MEET this weekend.

July 7&8: Summer League Championship at Town North YMCA (last chance for our swimmers to qualify for Lone Star State Championship)

July 14: NO MEET this weekend

July 19-22: Lone Star State Championship in Frisco!! I’m hoping for a 3Peat!! We will need everyone there though if we want to defend our state championship title! (Make plans now to have vacations happen after this. =) Also, make hotel reservations now! See the “Lone Star” tab on the blog for more info. And I will send a LOT more info re Lone Star in the coming months).

July 23: No practice!

July 26-29: There is talk of road tripping to Iowa for the AAU Junior Olympics. TBD

Summer Season officially ends July 24 IF we go to the Junior Olympics. If we don’t go to the Junior Olympics, the last day of Summer Season will be July 26. No practice again until September. We will probably have a team party one of those last few days in July. TBD.

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Check these ASAP:coppell entries 3.24.18

Hi Barracudas! Here are the entries for the meet this Saturday. I did change several events because the goal right now is to get times for (and update old times) as many events as possible so that we’re more ready for Spring Champs next month. Please know, I will not put your swimmer in an event that I don’t think they’re capable of doing! With that said, if they are in an event, then I think they’re capable of doing it. =)

If you thought you signed up but don’t see your name, please contact me ASAP.

For the 11-21 relays, I decided to have a little fun with them this meet by mixing in older and younger swimmers together. I tried to make fairly even teams for each of our relays. I thought it would be a great opportunity for the older swimmers to encourage the newer swimmers and for the kids to get to know more swimmers on the team. Should be a lot of fun. For Spring Champs, we will put our fastest relays for each age group together.

See you at the pool!!

Coach Bug

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March 24 Meet info!

Hi Barracudas! I hope you’re enjoying Spring Break! We have one more meet before our Spring Championship meet in April! The info is attached. Please read carefully and use the google doc (Swim Meet Entry Form) found at the top of the page in the Meet Info/Entry tab to submit your entries. Entries are due next Monday (the 19th) by 5:00pm! I didn’t get to go to the last one with you all so I’m super pumped about this one! It will give us one last chance to get some good swims in before Spring Champs.

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


Meet Entries for Highland Park H.S. Meet

Hi Barracudas! Here are the entries for the meet Saturday. Please look at them ASAP. If you thought you signed up but don’t see your swimmer here, please contact me ASAP! As we look towards Spring Champs in April and Lone Star in July, I check to make sure your swimmers have current times in each event, so some of the swimmers who have been with us for awhile, you may see that I’ve changed some of your preferred events for this meet.

I am also attaching a report of your swimmer’s top times as of the last meet.

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug



February 24 meet info!

Hi Barracudas! It’s about time for another meet! ALL Barracudas are eligible and encouraged to attend! This one will be at Highland Park High School. Please read the attached information carefully and then go to the meet info/entry tab of the blog to send in an entry form.

It’s a joy to coach your kids!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Highland Park Meet 24Feb18 (pdf)

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