Richardson results

> Great meet today! Hopefully all of you are now sitting in some air conditioning! I will send an updated Lone Star eligibility report soon.


Parking tomorrow

Hi all! Here is an email from the meet director re parking for tomorrow’s meet:

I forgot to add…..

We had bad parking issues last Saturday and I think someone got towed. The retail spaces to the north, the apartments to the east and residential area on Twilight Dr. are off limits. Please see attached overflow map. The Methodist church right down Custer Rd. allows us to overflow into their lot. Your parents can always drop off here then run the car there. I just walked this and it is < 5 minutes.

Also, I hear that parts of US 75 between downtown and 635 will be shut down for times this weekend. I would avoid that stretch of 75.



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top times and meet eligibility reports

Hi all! I ran these reports slightly differently so you may want to look at them again. For the meet eligibility report – if there is an * by the time that means it is not a qualifying time. 6&unders do NOT need to qualify for Lone Star, so if they have completed the race they may enter 6&under events. I hope these help!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug



Richardson entries!

Check these entries ASAP please!

062318 entry report.pdf

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Lone Star Eligibility Report!

Be sure to check your swimmer’s times!
lonestar eligibility report.pdf

Officials needed! Free class this Saturday…

Officiating is not for everyone!  I know, that’s probably a bad way to lead off an appeal for new officials…  🙂

But I must say that taking the officials class not only helped me (as a non-swimmer) learn what my kids were supposed to be doing, it also helped me get more involved in the process of helping all the kids learn to be better swimmers.  Take yesterday’s meet for example – we only had three officials (including myself) total for the entire afternoon session.  I can’t tell you how many kids were swimming improperly.  Literally – because the three of us couldn’t watch them all.  The DQ slips we hurriedly scribble in-between heats help our coaches help our kids get better.  It’s a critical part of the process.

Having said that, we do currently have a critical need for officials in the afternoons.  That’s the time when the younger kids are swimming, and the parents are newer to this whole swimming thing.  So I get that we’re kinda swimming upstream here…

Nevertheless – the classes don’t come around very often, and while it would require a morning in Richardson this next Saturday, I would certainly encourage any parents who might be willing and available to please give it some serious consideration.  And if not this coming weekend, then please stay tuned for the next class when it comes around.

Here’s the link – Officials class registration link

The cost of the class is paid for by the Benbrook Y.  Please comment if you have any questions.  Thanks for considering it, and we’ll see you at the pool!

(Posted by Chris)

Last call for swag

Good Evening!I know it’s late, but I just wanted to send a message out to remind everyone that today is that last day to order Barracuda Swag.

Here is the link to the store: BarracudaSwag

If you ordered a visor, I’ll be in touch to give you updates.

For the rest of you that ordered, It will take 2-3 weeks to get everything in. I will send out another message as soon as it’s all here and ready to be passed out.

Talk to you soon!!

Mel 🙂
Call or Text 817-688-6006

June 23 Meet info!

Hi Barracudas! It’s already time to get entries in for our next meet! The summer swim season is crazy! =) Richardson is a fun place for a meet and it is always run well. It’s a 6 lane outdoor pool with starting blocks. Only this meet and Summer Champs are left to qualify for Lone Star! And remember, in order to compete at Lone Star you must have competed in TWO meets since January 1. Anyone aged 7&up is allowed (and encouraged) to do 10 events at Lone Star so please choose your events accordingly at our last two meets. If you signed up for an event that you are close to qualifying in but haven’t yet, please put a comment about that in the comments section so that we don ‘t move them out of that particular event.

Entries are due tomorrow by 5:00! Please use the entry form for the June 23 meet found on the meet info/entry tab of the blog.

Tomorrow I will send out a Top Times report listing the times your swimmer has for each event in case you aren’t sure.

We love getting to coach your kids!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


Lone Star – more rooms added at Homewood!

Hey Barracudas!

In case you are planning to participate in Lone Star – our most awesome meet of the year – and were thinking to eliminate the commute by staying in a hotel in Frisco, we were able to add just 5 more rooms to our block at the Homewood Suites – Frisco today.

Here’s the link – Homewood Suites (Frisco) – BCCY group only

These few rooms are discounted off their normal rates.

Of course, you don’t have to stay at the Homewood…

See you at the pool!

(posted by Chris)

Hat/Visor update

OK. So, we didn’t get enough orders for the visors, but I have a backup company that may be able to go ahead and do them for us. If you ordered a visor, just hang tight. I’ll have updated info for you soon.

For those that ordered hats, Yahoo!
FYI, everyone (well, except 2) preferred the performance mesh, so that’s what they will be. They’ll also have more red for a little more contrast. We WERE 5 short from the minimum, so I fronted the money and bought them. It was just too close to not place the order. So that’s good news for anyone that didn’t get their order placed in time. If that’s you, just let me know and I can send you an invoice. Call or text 817-688-6006

Talk to you soon!

Mel 🙂