Swim bags!

Hi Barracudas! James Fike has the best swim bags around – and he lives in Fort Worth! He swam for UT and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll see him training at BCCY. The guy is FAST and is a treat to watch swim. He’s also the reason you’ll sometimes see yellow and orange groups swimming with tennis shoes on. =) He has started creating equipment for swimmers and one thing he has designed is a swim bag, The Swag. It’s truly better than any others out there (we just ordered one for Joshko after looking at every bag the swim world has to offer). James has graciously agreed to set up a team discount for us! His bag is better, and less expensive, than any others. So if you’re in the market for a swim bag, just go to his website www.FikeSwim.com (we put a separate tab on the blog just for this – Swim Bags) and you’ll put BCCY in the discount box when you go to checkout.

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

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Town North Meet entries – check ASAP!

Hello Barracudas! If you are planning to do the meet, please check this ASAP. If your swimmer is not listed that means I did not get entries for you. Please contact me right away if you thought you sent entries but do not see your name. (before Thursday!) If your swimmer is listed in entries that are different from what you submitted, that is not a mistake. =) For swimmers who are not new, it is time to make sure all times are as current as possible.

I hope to see everyone at our awards ceremony/end of the year round season celebration on Saturday!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


Team Party Reminders

Hello everyone. We are one week away from celebrating our champion Barracudas at the Ogden’s house! Just a few reminders:

Monday will be the last day I will be at Westside collecting donations for the coaches’ gifts in person (6-7pm). Alternately, you can drop money at Mel Sutter’s house prior to Wednesday. If you are interested in making a PayPal donation contact me and I can set that up. Just txt me directly at (770)630-6973 and I can give you the information.

Please don’t forget to either send an email to Matt Townsend at the Y or drop your $10 off at the BCCY by Wednesday. We are ordering food on Thursday based on the count of families who have paid. Reminder it’s only $10 per family!

Jennifer Lane

Barracudas Team Party Info 5/19

Hello Barracuda Family!

We are gearing up for our end of season party this year. The Ogden family has again graciously agreed to host our not so little get together. Please plan to join us on Saturday May 19th from 1-4pm at 4205 Richardson Ranch Road, Fort Worth, TX 76126. Please remember to bring lawn chairs for extra seating and don’t forget your suits, sunscreen and towels!

We are going to try something different this year and order subs and sides for the team and provide the meal for everyone. In order to do this, we will need to collect $10 from every family to offset the costs of the food. We are going to make this as easy as possible for everyone to collect the funds. To pay the $10 for your family to attend the end of season party please email Matt Townsley at MTownsley@ymcafw.org by Wednesday May 16th and copy and paste this in your email:

I authorize the Benbrook Community Center YMCA to draft my card on file $10 for the end of season swim team party.

If you would prefer to pay in person at the Benbrook Community Center YMCA, please do so by May 16th. The payment is our way of estimating the number of families who plan to attend our get together, thanks in advance for your prompt payment.

We have lots of fun things planned. Our own Barracuda Ashlyn Vozeh has agreed to put together a slide show of pictures for the party. This was a big hit last year and everyone enjoyed seeing the fun memories from the past year. So parents and swimmers please email your swim pictures from the last 12 months to Ashlyn at her email: akvozeh26@icloud.com.

I will also be collecting donations for end of season coaches’ gifts. Coach Bug and all the assistant coaches (can you believe we have 11?!?!) put a lot of time and love into building our program. I will be at the Westside Y on Wednesday 5/9 from 6-6:30pm, Friday 5/11 from 6:15-6:45pm, and Monday 5/14 from 6-7pm. Alternately, you can drop donations off at Mel Sutter’s house (about 5 min from the Y) at 1222 Warden Street Benbrook, TX 76126 before Wednesday, May 16th.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or text me at (770) 630-6973.

Thanks everyone and see you on the 19th!

Jennifer Lane

First meet of the summer season!

Hello Barracudas, new and seasoned! Our first meet of the summer season is rapidly approaching. It is happening the day after our team party, Sunday, May 20th! This meet will take place at the Town North YMCA in Dallas. It’s a great venue – 10 lane outdoor pool. The meet information is attached. Everyone on the team is invited and encouraged to participate, even if you have only been on the team for a week! There is at least one event your swimmer can do even if you’re brand new! Please read all of the meet information and then go to the meet info/entry tab of the blog to sign up.

I’m looking forward to a super fun, excellent summer of swimming!

Thanks so much to all of you who have been so kind and flexible as we made the move to Westside. We love swimming there and the kids had a blast last week, even with the cold water. This week the water should feel great!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Town North Meet Info 20MAY2018 (pdf)

Practices today cancelled!!

The rain isn’t an issue – but I’m afraid with the colder air temps that the cold water will be a problem. I am going to cancel all practices for today!

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Team Suit

Good afternoon. For those swimmers who need to order a new swim team suit, please use the link below to access directly into our team page. Remember, it is not a requirement that you purchase this suit. Once the summer season begins, I will schedule times for sizing if you do not know your swimmers size. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you
Karen Ogden

Exciting May changes!

Hi Barracudas! I hope you’re enjoying your week off from swimming. We sure have. =) Our family uses this week to take a vacation each year to relax and ramp up for an excellent summer season of swimming culminating with our Lone Star State Championship. Hoping to win our 3rd straight state championship! If you haven’t yet, be sure to put it on your calendar. It’s a really fun 4 (or 3 for the youngers) day meet in Frisco! July 19-22. Tons more info to come on that but we have a special link on the blog just for Lone Star so be sure to check that out. Our swimmers do need to qualify for that so keep your eyes on the qualifying times for your swimmers. Our desire is to have our swimmers swim as many of the maximum 10 events as they can!

Leading up to that, we have some great changes happening in May, STARTING TOMORROW! Each year in the summer we get to head outside to the Westside Y for our practices! We LOVE the change. The kids can breathe SO much better, the pool is not so hot, and we get all 6 lanes. It’s a great privilege that our Y gives us. And the exciting thing is that this year we get to do it sooner than usual! Starting tomorrow, ALL practices *except the morning yellow group and the Tues/Thursday blue group practices* will be held at Westside! And because for some of you it’s a bit further away, on Mon/Wed/Fri we will push the schedule back 15 minutes. So the 4:00 blue group will actually begin at 4:15. Orange/purple/(yellow) will begin at 5:00 (instead of 4:45). 6:15 blue group will begin at 6:30 and end at 7:15. Orange group on Tues/Thurs will be at Westside at the regular time (4:45-6:15).

I do know that this will be an inconvenience for some of you and I truly am sorry for that. If we had our dream, BCCY would have an Olympic sized outdoor pool. =) If you have any questions or concerns at all please never hesitate to contact me. Many of you workout while your kids swim. If you have a value membership you can workout at the Westside Y (if your membership isn’t BCCY only). Also, another benefit of being at Westside is that often we have to ask parents to leave the pool deck at BCCY, but at Westside you are free to sit outside and watch practice. The pool temp is going to be chilly this week as we are just now getting back to normal Texas weather. If your blue group swimmer has a swim shirt feel free to let them wear it. We will keep them moving to keep them warm!

Remember, no practice today.

See you at Westside (starting tomorrow)!

Coach Bug

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Fantastic Season!

Congratulations, 10 time League Champion Barracudas!! It’s been another fantastic season and I could not be more proud of our swimmers and assistant coaches.

Some special mentions from our spring champs meet:

•19 individuals made the podium!
•We scored 7160 total team points – definitely our best result ever!

7 relay team records were broken (8&u girls broke 2, 10&u boys 1, 14&u girls 2, and the 21&u girls broke 2)

15 individual team records were broken
•Kate Jackson broke 1 (7-8 50 breast)
•Joshko Lipp broke 5 (13-14 50back, 100back, 50breast, 200IM, 400IM) •Payton Alberts broke 1 (15-21 50back)
•Hannah Farmer broke 3 (50breast, 100IM, 400IM)
•Schuyler Morgan, who had the meet of his life, tied 1 record (15-21 50free) and broke 4 others (50 and 100back, 50 and 100fly)

We had several new standard times hit as well!

New A times:
•Ava Willis (50free)
•Maddie Harless (100free)
•Payton Alberts (200IM)
•Joshko Lipp (100back, 400IM, 200IM)
•Drew Pennington (200free)
•Caleb Scheffler (100fly, 50free)
•Parker Chandler (50free)
•Kai Morgan (100breast, 200IM)

New AA times:
•Payton Alberts (50free, 100free)

And with a new AAAA time:
•Hannah Farmer (50 Free)

The meet Ironman awards go to Hudson Scheffler, Caleb Scheffler, Kai Morgan, Jacob Reese, and the lone Irongirl…Michaela Lipp. =) They swam both the 100fly and 400IM in the same day! Impressive!

From our youngest swimmers to our oldest – it was an incredibly successful and enjoyable meet. So many kids swam best times and challenged themselves in new ways. So proud. Thank you to all of you parents who volunteered so many hours to help make it happen! One of my favorite things about Y swimming is that the 5 year olds get to swim in the same meet the high schoolers do, and that’s so good for everyone! I loved watching the younger with the olders and vice versa. The full results are posted on the results page of the blog.

Enjoy the week off, Barracudas! You’ve earned it! We will start back up on Tuesday, May 1st. We have a special arrangement happening in May – I will send a separate post about that. But in short, we get the awesome privilege of taking the afternoon practices in May to the Westside Y!! Woohoo! More details to come.

See you at the pool!
Coach Bug

Champs Sunday team lunch!

Hey Barracudas!

By now many of us know that we like to go out for a meal together after our longer meets, and in recent years it has tended to be a celebration meal after we bring home the trophy (plaque) for 1st place team!

Well, win place or show, this time we’re heading back to Rudy’s BBQ, right on the frontage road next to the big Soccer stadium there in Frisco.

So, they apparently just raised their price on the catered option ($13.50 plus tax!) so we are going to offer these two choices:

  1. BBQ sandwich, chips and a bottomless drink for $9 flat – PREMADE, skip the line.  Pay in the Gift Shop and just go grab the food in our reserved section.  Quantities will be limited – we’ve only preordered 120 of these, 30 each of chopped, sliced, turkey and sausage.
  2. Get in the a la carte line and pay as you go.  And yes, we can mix and match – dad can buy the sandwich deal for the fam and go thru the main line, etc.

Address: 9828 Dallas Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034

It’ll be a late lunch.  We tend to get there at around 2 or 2.30.  Please do plan to join us if you are able and get in on the celebratin’…!

See you at the pool!

(posted by Chris)