January 27 meet!! OUR meet!!

Hi Barracudas! I’m very excited about the meet on Saturday, January 27th! WE are hosting it!! It will be our first meet hosted for the Dallas League! We hosted two this summer for the Forth Worth League at our pool at Westside, but this will be the first time we’ve hosted for the Dallas League. You parents TOTALLY rocked the meets we hosted this summer and we are going to need you to be your amazing selves again for this one! =) Ron or Chris or I will send out a signup sheet for volunteers for that day. We will need more volunteers than normal meets as there will be some extra jobs other than just timing.

We are using the the Grapevine/Colleyville ISD Swim Center – it’s an excellent venue. The morning session will be for 11&ups and will be ONLY for YMCA members – so if your swimmer is on the team and is also a Y member, we need you there! (It must be for Y members only because YMCA National Swimming requires that our swimmers who qualify for the National meet do a few meets that are “closed” to only Y members). The afternoon session is for EVERYONE on the team who is 12 or younger. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A Y MEMBER TO ATTEND THE AFTERNOON SESSION, and this one is different in that if you are 11 or 12, you may do the afternoon session or the morning session.

Please read the attached meet info carefully. And be on the lookout for volunteer info!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Jan 27 BCCY Meet 2018.pdf


Pool Heater

Hi Barracuda family! I want to thank you all for your understanding and patience during this time as we try to get the pool fixed and back in proper working order. The dectron (the big red pipes) had not been working for awhile and that is what caused all of the humidity to be in the air. That humidity took its toll on the lights, pace clock, walls, etc. The dectron and lights are now fixed and working great. Unfortunately, as you know, the heater is now not working. These are just things that happen with pools, not just our pool. Water is a force to be reckoned with – even controlled water. Thankfully the heater should be fixed on Monday.

In the meantime, some of your swimmers may have been pretty cold this week, especially the younger ones, and the ones with very little body fat. For example, Sean, my 9 year old, is totally lean and wiry and he froze on Wednesday. My oldest, Joshko, is built differently and the cold didn’t bother him after the initial jump in. (and the pool temperature SHOULD be such that it feels cold right when you get in, so that the swimmers don’t get hot while swimming). 78º-82º is what competition pools are required to be. The pool temp is currently 78º.

So for those of you with young swimmers, please feel free to not come to practice today. Maybe ask your swimmer if they want to. For the young and newer swimmers, ENJOYMENT of the sport is FAR more important than even technique, and certainly more important than one practice. If they don’t enjoy it, then they won’t want to continue. And if they are freezing to death, they definitely will not enjoy it.

We will have them race today like we always do on Fridays. They won’t be IN the water for the entire time that way and it should be better for them than it was on Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks again for bearing with us!

See you at the (somewhat chilly) pool! =)

Coach Bug

Lone Star Hotel 2018

Greetings again Barracuda parents!

For accommodations at Lone Star, we have again this year reserved a block of 40 rooms at the Homewood Suites – Frisco (3240 Parkwood Blvd, Frisco, TX 75034).  There are a mix of King Studio Suites ($120), King 1BR ($126), and 2 Queen 1BR ($140)(these rates are only $1 more than last year).  All of these have a full-size sofa bed.  The 1BR’s have the beds in a separate room.  All come w fully equipped kitchens to help save on food costs.  (We only have 7 of the 2 Queens – first-come, first-served).

The 2018 dates for Lone Star again are July 19-23.  We have blocked rooms for Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights.  You can reserve for 1-3 nights as needed.  If you have only 10&Unders you won’t need a room for Thursday night, unless of course you would like to come and cheer on our older swimmers as they compete that evening!

Please know that you don’t have to stay at this team hotel – you may decide to commute or use points at a different hotel chain or have some other possibility.  I will say that after a number of years of doing this, we have found this particular hotel to be a pretty ideal combination of convenient location (4.5 miles from the venue – Frisco ISD Natatorium), good breakfast, and amenities (including a hot tub for those aching swimmer muscles).  Plus staying together affords lots of great hang out time for our swimmers to deepen friendships.

You can use the online reservation link here, or call the hotel directly at 214-618-0111 and let them know you are reserving with the Benbrook Barracudas group.

Please feel free to include any questions in the comment section for this post.

Homewood Suites-Frisco on Google Maps

Lone Star “Primer” – redux

(gratuitously reposted from last year w minor updates)

Greetings and Happy New Year, Barracuda family!

If you are new to the Barracudas, you might not be familiar with what we fondly refer to as “Lone Star”.  It is the big Texas (yeah, those two words together are probably redundant) end-of-year State YMCA Swimming Championship – a 4-day meet held in Frisco, all the Y swim teams from all over the state come and compete.  In 2016, for the first time ever, our very own BCCY Barracudas won the meet!  And we successfully defending that championship again in 2017!  Top YMCA swim team in all of Texas – yee hah!  Very exciting, cool little plaques on display in the case in the entryway outside the BCCY pool, pictures posted on this site in the photos section.  It’s pretty much the Highlight of many highlights in our year-long swim season, and if you’ve not yet had the chance to be there you’ll want to plan be a part (and especially so if you have been, but then you don’t need me to tell you how fun it is if you’ve been).  I know for sure Coach Bug will say we NEED your swimmer(s) there to help us defend our title… 🙂

It’s typically held over the third (or sometimes fourth) full weekend in July.  2018 dates are July 19-22 – put those on your calendar!

For most of our meets over there in the big D (and actually most of them are over there), we just drive over and come back same day.  But Lone Star is different – not only is it 4 days of potential driving back and forth, but it has EVENING sessions.  The 9 and Olders swim preliminary heats (just like in the Olympics!) in the mornings and afternoons, and then the top 16 swimmers in each preliminary event come back to swim in the finals in the evenings (8 and Unders only swim in the afternoons, no prelims).  But so, what many of us wind up doing is eliminating the commute by simply staying at a hotel near the venue, 2 or 3 nights depending on the age of your swimmer(s).  I’ll post the link for reserving a hotel room in a separate post.

The schedule looks like this:

Thurs 6PM – 11&Ups Distance Finals (500 Free, 400IM); plus Relays

Fri 8:30AM – 11&Ups Prelims

Fri 2PM – 9-10 Prelims; 8&Under Finals

Fri 6PM – 9&Ups Finals

Sat 8:30AM – 11&Ups Prelims

Sat 2PM – 9-10 Prelims; 8&Under Finals; Relays

Sat 6PM – 11&Ups Relays; 9&Ups Finals

Sun 8:30AM – 11&Ups Prelims

Sun 12:30PM – 9-10 Prelims; 8&Under Finals; Relays

Sun 2:30pm – Parade of Teams – great fun & photo ops, not to be missed!

Sun 4PM – 11&Ups Relays; 9&Ups Finals

(All followed by the grand awards ceremony after which we all go out to dinner and hopefully get to take lots of selfies with the new hardware…!)

Like I say, it’s a BIG meet.  Swimmers can swim up to 10 events (assuming they have achieved fast enough qualifying times).  Bug plans all year so that our swimmers are achieving their best times at Lone Star.  It’s fun, it’s exhausting (especially for the swimmers), it’s good times with friends.  There are minimum qualifying times which must be hit for each event – it’s not too early to begin looking at those even now (we’ll post those in a separate post and on the Lone Star page)!

Hope this helps some.  No doubt we’ll need another post for Lone Star advice and tips – Lone Star vets, please add copiously in the comments…!

(Posted by Chris)

Christmas party!

I’m excited about our Christmas party/lap a thon celebration! Friday after practice from 7-9 at the Y. Please find something that is ALREADY in your house, wrap it, and bring it for a white elephant gift exchange! Tons of fun. Kelly O’Donald has graciously set up a signup for the party. Hopefully this link will take you there…


See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

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revised December/January schedule

Hello League Champion Barracudas!

I’ve finally completed the revised schedule for December. Please read carefully!

December 11: NO PRACTICE!

December 12-22: Regular schedule

December 25 and 26 and January 1: NO PRACTICE!

December 27-29 and January 2:
Yellow Group will practice at 4:45 (no morning practice these days)
Orange and Purple: regular schedule
Blue Groups: Regular practice schedule on the 27th
No Thursday practice on the 28th (Thursday group may come Wednesday the 27th at 4 or 6:15)
Only 4:00 practice on Friday (6:15 blue may come)

January 3: Resume regular practice schedule

Champs celebration (?) meal on Sunday

Hey Barracudas!

Typically we like to go out for a meal together after our longer meets, and in recent years it has tended to be a celebration meal after we bring home the trophy for 1st place team!

Well, win place or show, hopefully we have a workable solution for lunch this time.  Rudy’s BBQ is right on the frontage road next to the big Soccer stadium there in Frisco, and they are going to block off an entire area for all of us (they seat 250), AND they are going to precut everything for us so we can come right in and get our food.  3 meats and 3 sides plus drinks for $11pp.

Address: 9828 Dallas Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034

It’ll be a late lunch.  We tend to get there at around 2 or 2.30.  Hope you’ll be able to join us and get in on the celebratin’…!

See you at the pool!

(posted by Chris)

Champs Entries! Check ASAP

Hi Barracudas! Wow! We have our largest group EVER going to a Champs meet (107)! Way to go, team!! It’s going to be a fun one. (Where in the world can we go for lunch on Sunday?? If you have places or ideas in mind that you think can hold us, let me know.)

Please check these entries ASAP and get back to me by the end of Tuesday (do not reply to this blog post, text me!) if you thought you signed up but don’t see your swimmer on here, or if you are not signed up for 3 events each day! I, as always, changed a few events (but perhaps fewer than ever before) so if I changed one that you have a question about, feel free to ask. I tried to get as many swimmers in relays as I possibly could.

It’s going to be a ton of fun! We will need lots of volunteers to be timers (it’s the best seat in the house).

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


PARTAY!! December 15

Hi Barracudas! We are going to have our Lap-a-Thon Celebration Party on Friday December 15th! It will be at the Y from 7:00pm-9:00pm. I thought it might be fun to just make it a Christmas party too! So plan on a TEAM CHRISTMAS PARTY on the 15th. Bring a wrapped gift that you ALREADY HAVE in your house for a white elephant gift exchange! We’ve done this the last few years and it’s tons of fun. I’m still fending off evil with the massive nerf sword I got last year. =) I’m not very good at details when it comes to party planning so if anyone wants to help organize some fun snacks to bring I would be all for that. =)

Always up for a party,

Coach Bug

Champs hotels?

Howdy Barracudas!

Wanted to pass along that deals are being found at the Aloft Frisco ($62?) and the La Quinta (Dallas/PlanoThe Colony)($78), in case you might be swimming both days and/or are inclined to want to shorten the drive on Sunday am.

There is also an open invite to join us for dinner on Saturday at Woody’s in Frisco to root on the Buckeyes in the Big 10 Championship and into the CFP… 🙂  Kickoff is at 7.

See you at the pool!

(posted by Chris)