June 4th Meet, Northwest YMCA

Hello Barracuda parents! I now have the meet info for our June 4 meet! This meet is in Fort Worth and it is FREE!
*Please note, both new swimmers and swimmers who have been with us for awhile, these meets at the Northwest Y are not quite what we are accustomed to in our year round swim league. The pool at the Northwest YMCA where we will be swimming three of our meets this summer (June 4, June 11, and June 25) is a 4 lane pool and it does not have starting blocks. (We will swim with the Dallas league June 18 and July 9/10 and of course Lone Star July 21-24, which will be what we’re accustomed to). It is still a great opportunity to compete though and is definitely great training. Warmups are going to be interesting with a lot of swimmers there but I am in communication with the meet director and hopefully we will find a good solution.
Attached is the location and time and event list and everything you need to know.

Please pick three individual events (I will pick relays) that your swimmer would like to do (for those of you who have been around awhile, please pick events you haven’t done in awhile or I’ll just go ahead and choose them for you – preferably longer events to get a good workout in). =) If you are brand new to swim team and aren’t sure what events to choose, I generally suggest two freestyle events and a backstroke event for your swimmer’s first meet. You will then email those three events to bccymeetsignup@gmail.com by Tuesday, May 31. I will do meet entries at 6am the next morning. Normally we need these entries by the Monday before the meet but since it’s Memorial Day Tuesday will work this week.

Please email entries to bccymeetsignup@gmail.com along with your name and date of birth by Tuesday, May 31!
Please don’t hesitate to email me at buglipp@gmail.com or text 817-875-3654 with any questions. (If you reply to this email everyone on the team gets sent the email, fyi).
I’m looking forward to a great summer season! For all of you who are new, please put Lone Star on your calendar and plan to attend!! July 21-24 in Frisco! I already sent that information packet but will send info out about it again soon.
Don’t forget about practice on Monday morning at the Westside Y this week!
See you at the pool!
Coach Bug


Meet 1 – info for all swim families

Meet 1 – order of events



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