Custom Barracuda Swim Team Suits

Good evening Barracuda parents. For those swimmers who are interested in ordering a custom swim team suit, please find below the link to access our team page at D&J Sports. There are several options to choose from for both boys and girls. Please be reminded, IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT THAT YOU PURCHASE THIS SUIT. I will be at the YMCA Wednesday, September 14 and Friday September 16 from 4:45 until 6:15 for sizing purposes. D&J will begin processing the suits once they have received 12 orders and it usually takes 2-3 weeks until completion.

D&J Sports – Benbrook Barracudas order page

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Karen Ogden




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  1. I tried entering the code for the free shipping and it’s saying the code isn’t valid, and it’s trying to charge me for the shipping. is anyone else having this problem, or is there something I’m doing wrong?

  2. Jennifer Patterson

    Is there a code for free shipping? I don’t have that and it’s trying to charge me for shipping, too. ($10.82 for the cheapest method.) I don’t see an option to have all the suits shipped together to the Y.

  3. The code is FRSHIPBCCY but that code wasn’t accepted when I tried it. I emailed their customer support but have yet to receive a reply.

  4. Jennifer Patterson

    Thank you! Keep us posted if you hear anything. I’m going to hold off ordering until then.

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