Info from Meet Director

Hi Coaches

With regard to our meet tomorrow and the forecasted weather, I want everyone to know that the decision on this will be made very early so that those of you coming from a longer distance will not have to leave home and turn around. Check email between 5:45 and 6:00 AM as we will be posting the decision by that time. There are no refunds. Sorry. The hosting team puts in a ton of work leading up to the event and buys food so it’s not as unfair as it sounds. I don’t think we will have to cancel though. The weather forecast is about as truly predictable as the Cowboys.

I need everyone to make their swimmers and parents aware of how everything works at our pool. Everyone will need to bring seating and pop up tents to be comfortable outside the fence during the meet. I hate having to tell 70 – 80 year old grandparents that I have no seating for them. Our policy is that everyone sits outside the fence and swimmers and families may come into the pool area for events. No parents are allowed at the start end of the pool unless they are a meet volunteer. Please help so your families are comfortable!

Also please remind everyone that the YMCA building is NOT OPEN tomorrow until 1:00 PM and is not available to anyone who is not a coach, official, or a meet volunteer. NO SWIMMERS please! The only locker room/ bathroom is in the cabana building at the south end of the pool. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Please help so everyone is aware of this! I tell my swimmers to wear their suit under their clothes!

Parking will be in the YMCA lot ONLY at the south end of the lot by the outdoor pool. Entry to the meet will be at the gate by the cabana building which is located at the south end of the pool area. The City of Dallas will TOW AWAY cars parked on Northaven Road so please tell everyone to park in our lot!

If you have any questions please email me. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation! See you tomorrow!


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  1. Have any decisions been made about the meet today?

  2. Has anyone heard anything about today’s meet?

  3. Has any decision been made?

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