Check in change!

Hi Barracuda parents! Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate you all? =) I cannot thank you all enough for your encouragement, kind words, time volunteering, and belief in our swim program. I’m excited about where we are as a team. It’s been thrilling to see this program grow and become championship caliber. I’m thrilled about all of the new young swimmers we have and am so pleased with how they are progressing already. I’m thrilled with the swimmers who have been with us for awhile now – they continue to set the bar high with how hard they work and how respectful and fun they are. I’m thrilled about my coaches – I have the best assistants in the state. I’m also thrilled about how some of the younger kids are volunteering to help coach. They are doing an excellent job. They aren’t “helping”, they are actually helping! And I’m thrilled that we have 88 swimmers signed up for this meet on Saturday. That’s the most the BCCY Barracudas have ever taken to a meet!

As most of you know, with growth comes growing pains. As we implement this new process of checking swimmers in and out of practice, I want to ask you to bear with us as we find the best way to do it. We will be working through some different ideas until we find a good solution.

We will do it differently today than we did on Monday. Today please go in the main Y doors. You will check your swimmer in inside. After practice you will check them out on the pool deck. So, in the front, out the back.

Thank you all so much! Barracuda parents rock!!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

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  1. Are they still required to check in/check out when going to the bathroom in middle of practice. If so, I want to clarify that that includes end of practice when going to the locker room to change before I get there to sign her out.

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