Fall Champs Meet info!!

Hi Barracudas! It’s time for our Fall Championship meet! We need all of our Barracudas there! This is a two day meet and swimmers can swim a total of SIX events over the two days,  but no, your child does not HAVE to swim both days.

6&unders really need to swim Saturday because the high point award for them is Saturday only, but they are welcome and encouraged to swim Sunday events as well. 8&unders should plan to swim both days if they want a shot at a high point award (and I really need at least 4 boys and 4 girls in this age group to come on Sunday so that we can have a relay team!).

Here is how the high point award works…Points are given for each event – swimmers who finish in the top 16 in an event earn points in that event. At the end of the meet the points are tallied and the top 3 point earners in each age group will win an overall high point award. Points for every swimmer are tallied and the team with the most points will win the meet. The more events our swimmers swim, the more points we’ll (likely) get as a team.  (We’ve won 6 in a row! Let’s make it 7!) =)

Entry deadline is 5pm on Monday, November 28.  Please use the special online Meet Entry Form to sign up for the meet (remember, we are no longer using the email to sign up for meets). This form is specifically designed for this two day meet so please sign up correctly! (for example, if you are only swimming Sunday, please use the Sunday section to add your events).

Let me know if you have any questions.

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Fall Champs Meet Info (12.3-4.16) (pdf)

Meet Entry Form



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