23 November, 2016 12:14

Hi Barracudas!

Since we have so many new families to the BCCY family, I wanted to clarify what it means that this next meet is a “championship” meet. Beyond ribbons, which are great, this is a TWO day meet, AND we’re racing for a team title. Points are awarded in every event on both days, including the relays, which are awarded DOUBLE points! In fact, the ability to field strong relay teams in every age group has been one of the reasons we have seen so much team success in recent years.

Another fun feature of these champs meets is that in addition to ribbons the top three swimmers in each age group are awarded a trophy, also based on the points they earn in their individual events. But you need to swim in 3 events on both days to even have a shot (unless you’re 6&younger).

All of that to say, all swimmers are encouraged to swim BOTH days if at all possible, in order to help earn points for the team. This also gives them the chance to be at the awards ceremony after the Sunday session.

And don’t forget – if you don’t have plans, please join us for late lunch after the awards ceremony! (Spring Creek BBQ in Grand Prairie)

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


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