“Lone Star” Primer

Greetings Barracuda family!

If you are new to the Barracudas, you might not be familiar with what we fondly refer to as “Lone Star”.  It is the big Texas (yeah, those two words together are probably redundant) end-of-year State YMCA Swimming Championship – a 4-day meet held in Frisco, all the Y swim teams from all over the state come and compete.  And in 2016, for the first time ever, our very own BCCY Barracudas won the meet!  Top YMCA swim team in all of Texas – yee hah!  Very exciting, cool little plaque on display in the case in the entryway outside the BCCY pool, pictures posted on this site in the photos section.  It’s pretty much the Highlight of many highlights in our year-long swim season, and if you’ve not yet had the chance to be there you’ll want to plan be a part (and especially so if you have been, but then you don’t need me to tell you how fun it is if you’ve been).  I know for sure Coach Bug will say we NEED your swimmer(s) there to help us defend our title… 🙂

It’s typically held over the third (or sometimes fourth) full weekend in July.  2017 dates are July 20-23 – put those on your calendar!

For most of our meets over there in the big D (and actually most of them are over there), we just drive over and come back same day.  But Lone Star is different – not only is it 4 days of potential driving back and forth, but it has EVENING sessions.  The 9 and Olders swim preliminary heats (just like in the Olympics!) in the mornings and afternoons, and then the top 16 swimmers in each preliminary event come back to swim in the finals in the evenings (8 and Unders only swim in the afternoons, no prelims).  But so, what many of us wind up doing is eliminating the commute by simply staying at a hotel near the venue, 2 or 3 nights depending on the age of your swimmer(s).  I’ll post the link for reserving a hotel room in a separate post.

The schedule looks like this:

Thurs 6PM – 11&Ups Distance Finals (500 Free, 400IM); plus Relays

Fri 8:30AM – 11&Ups Prelims

Fri 2PM – 9-10 Prelims; 8&Under Finals

Fri 6PM – 9&Ups Finals

Sat 8:30AM – 11&Ups Prelims

Sat 2PM – 9-10 Prelims; 8&Under Finals; Relays

Sat 6PM – 11&Ups Relays; 9&Ups Finals

Sun 8:30AM – 11&Ups Prelims

Sun 12:30PM – 9-10 Prelims; 8&Under Finals; Relays

Sun 2:30pm – Parade of Teams – great fun & photo ops, not to be missed!

Sun 4PM – 11&Ups Relays; 9&Ups Finals

(All followed by the grand awards ceremony after which we all go out to dinner and hopefully get to take lots of selfies with the new hardware…!)

Like I say, it’s a BIG meet.  Bug plans all year so that our swimmers are achieving their best times at Lone Star.  It’s fun, it’s exhausting (especially for the swimmers), it’s good times with friends.  Hope this helps some.  No doubt we’ll need a third post for Lone Star advice and tips – Lone Star vets, please add copiously in the comments…!

(Posted by Chris)


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  1. We’ve been going to Lone Star for about 9 years now with various kids. it is a great bonding time not only for the swimmers, but also among us parents. It is great to talk to other swim parents, and hear what they have done to help their kids stay on track. We usually stay at the Homewood Suites in Frisco. We always look forward to it, and wouldn’t miss it!

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