February Meet info!

Hi Barracudas! Our February meet is coming up. Please remember to sign up (link included) by Monday the 20th by 5:00pm. If you have never done a meet before, they are a lot of fun. It’s a great chance for the kids (and parents!) to get to know each other better and for them to see how much they’ve improved since they started.

A note about officials…our league requires that we provide at least one official for each session of a swim meet. Officials are parents (you maybe!) who volunteer and have agreed to go to a training. Our team is really in dire need of officials for the afternoon sessions (10&unders) of our meets. Please consider being an official. No experience or even expertise at all is needed. You will learn all you need to know in the training (should be one in Arlington in March) and then you will get to shadow more experienced officials once you begin. WE NEED YOU!! We have the largest team, so I would love to be able to provide a bulk of the officials. Thanks for considering it! Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about it.

It’s a joy to coach your kids! Looking forward to the meet!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

“Moody Y” Meet Info 25FEB17.pdf

Swim Meet Entry Form


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