Important Dates coming up!

Please read over this carefully!!

This week:•Monday: Team picture 5:30

•Friday: Orange group and yellow group do NOT have practice (this is part of the taper)
•Saturday/Sunday: Spring League Championship!!
•Sunday: after the meet is an awards presentation and we go to lunch as a team after. Always a great time.

Next week:

•NO practice Monday the 24th!! (we always take the day off after a two day meet)
•April 25-28: FUN WEEK!!! Practices will be fun and games. Water polo, sharks and minnows, etc during regular practice times. It’s a fun time, even for the big kids.

•May 1-5: NO PRACTICE ALL WEEK! This is our week long break between our spring season and summer season. Enjoy! Swimming is hard – these kids (and coaches!) need a break!

•Saturday, May 6: END OF THE SEASON PARTY! More details to come on this but be sure to get this on your calendar! The Ogdens have graciously agreed to host ALL of us at their home for a great time of celebrating the year. We do team awards, eat good food, play games, honor our seniors, hang out, etc. If you are on the team you are invited to this party! Parents and siblings as well. It’s a great time each year. Would a few of you be interested in helping coordinate which groups will bring what food? If you’re interested in helping you can reply in the comments. Thanks!

Looking ahead:
•Monday, May 8: Regular practice schedule resumes
•Sunday, May 21: Town North Meet

•Saturday, June 3, 10, 17, 24: Summer meets

•Monday, June 5: Summer practice schedule takes effect! (including first TAT at 11:00 – optional)


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