Team Picture details for tomorrow (Monday)

Hi Barracudas! Here is how the team pic is going to go tomorrow… It will happen at 5:30. This is right in between the two blue groups (blue groups will swim at their normal times) to make it fair and accessible for all. Purple group will swim from 4:45-5:25. Orange/yellow groups will swim from right when the picture is complete until 6:15. Our taper for Champs Meet begins tomorrow which means no sparticus tomorrow! (orange/yellow: this means you do not have to get there by 4:45. Please DO get there by 5:15, outside on the patio, in your suits ready to go, and someone will get you lined up for the pic). Blue groups, if you could also be lined up and ready by 5:25 then we can slide purple group in when they are done swimming and get the pic done quickly. Thanks so much for your cooperation! Everyone will receive a free team picture!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


Posted on April 16, 2017, in Miscellaneous. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Jennifer Patterson

    Super bummed Emma won’t be there. We’ll still be traveling back into town from the Easter weekend. Excited to see how the pictures turn out, though!

  2. Oh shoot! So sorry to hear that!

  3. Aww! Alisia wont be there for the picture.
    I dont get off work till 5:30.

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