Way to go, Barracudas!

What a fantastic meet this weekend! I am SO very proud of every swimmer. And you parents were great too! I am so honored to get to coach this great group of kids, from the youngest to the oldest. They work hard, are so kind, and are just fun to be with. Not only did they swim GREAT but our team was the favorite of the FISD Natatorium staff because we kept our bench areas the cleanest of any other team! That shows that these kids are also respectful and thoughtful. You parents have done well. A very special thank you to Stephanie Pennington who saved me on Sunday! And to Stephanie and Rebecca Verlander for their amazing help on Saturday also! Thanks for marking arms, moving kids, answering 50,000 questions, helping me keep my sanity, and freeing up my assistant coaches to just focus on swimming during those times and allowing me to focus on coaching. You were lifesavers. Thanks to all of you who officiated and timed as well. These meets won’t run without you!

We just won our 8th straight league championship! Each swimmer and parent is a part of that victory. We will try to find a place for the new plaque. =) Even if your swimmer didn’t get a ribbon or a high point award, the improvement that I saw this weekend and the fun that they had was incredible! Every year at this point I wish that I had filmed all of our new swimmers when they began in September! The improvement is truly remarkable. Along with all of that improvement, we also hauled in quite a few awards! We took 20 of the possible 36 podium spots (overall high point awards)(our most ever)! Congratulations to our youngest crew – the 6&unders! Of the six possible podium spots, our BCCY swimmers took THREE of those! Congratulations to Skylar Sosropartono and Oliver Zink for taking 1st place in their 6&under age groups, and to Emma Brewton for taking second place!

Congratulations also to these high point award winners:

Sean Lipp 2nd place boys 7-8
Corah Satterfield 2nd place girls 9-10
Michaela Lipp 3rd place girls 9-10
Emma Fitzhugh 2nd place girls 11-12
Ava Willis 3rd place girls 11-12
Sam Ogden 3rd place boys 11-12

Podium Sweep in the girls 13-14:
1st place Maddie Harless
2nd place Courtney Sutter
3rd place Charlotte Lane

Noah Scheffler 2nd place boys 13-14
Andrew Pennington 3rd place boys 13-14

Podium Sweep in BOTH girls 15-21 and boys 15-21:
1st place Alexis Hackney
2nd place CJ Pfeil
3rd place Elizabeth Rhodes

1st place Roy Meharg
2nd place Schuyler Morgan
3rd place Peter Meharg

We also had several swimmers hit some new USA Standard times! Congratulations to 3 of our swimmers who hit A times for the first time:

Corah Satterfield
100 Back (Girls 10&U)

Michaela Lipp

50 Fly (Girls 10&U)

Noah Scheffler
50 Free (Boys 13-14)

More A times:

Elijah Sohn
50 Free (Boys 15-16)

Peter Meharg
100 Breast (Boys 17-18)

And a special congratulations to these swimmers who achieved A and AA times!

Ava Willis, Girls 11-12
A time
200 IM


100 Back

Mark Wild, Boys 15-16
A time
100 Free


50 Free

Kai Morgan, Boys 15-16

A time
200 IM

100 Fly

And a special special congratulations to Emma Fitzhugh who hit A or AA times in 5 of the 6 events she swam!

Emma Fitzhugh, Girls 11-12
A times
50 Free
200 IM

50 Fly
100 Fly
100 IM

I truly love getting to be the coach of this team. I have the best parents and kids a coach could ever ask for!

See you at the pool as we celebrate with a week of fun!

Coach Bug


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