Good evening! I just have a few of things to cover here.

1) I have the end of year swimmer gifts (the red sling backpacks). If your swimmer has not received theirs, I will be at the Westside Y during practice this coming Monday, 5/15 from 4:30-6:30p, sitting outside by the pool.

2) There was still confusion regarding which swimmers get one of these gifts. Answer: EVERY SWIMMER. If you are paying BCCY swim team dues, they are on the roster and they receive a gift.

3) There was also some confusion about what the $7/family cost was for and what donations were for. The $7 was for the swimmer gifts, the red sling backpacks. The total cost was simply divided up between the number of famlies we have, so as to help decrease the expense for our families with multiple swimmers. If you gave a donation, that went towards purchasing gifts for the 3 assistant coaches and for Coach Bug.

4) There are still 68 families that have not paid their $7. If you have not had a chance to pay, you can still do so by clicking on the following link and paying with a debit/credit card. Please include your swimmers name in the Optional Note space.$cash4mel

If you run into trouble using the link, or if you would rather pay with cash or a check, you can bring it on Monday, or you can mail the check to me at Melissa Sutter, 1222 Warden St, Benbrook TX 76126.

The swimmer gifts were very last minute, and I promise that next year will be planned out differently. Since we didn’t have enough time to collect the money for swimmer gifts before ordering, one of our parents went ahead and paid for the gifts under the assumption that they would be fully reimbursed once all of the families paid their $7. I know life gets busy and we lose track of the "to do" list, but please be sure to send that in as soon as possible. Preferably no later than Monday the 15th.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have.

See you soon!

Mel Sutter
817-688-6006, call or text


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  1. Mel! YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you.

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