Make it official!

Happy drying-out Saturday afternoon, Barracuda parents!

I trust that is true for you if you made it to Westside this morning and endured the rain, much-needed but not sure why it waited all Spring to come on this very day… Oh well.  First BCCY swim meet is in the books!

If you were there, you may have noticed that we only had 6 officials – shout out to our newest two, Gilda Tebeaux and Ed Coburn, who wound up trying to judge strokes for three lanes each, all by themselves.  Not to be out done were Sam Wild and Tiffany Fitzhugh, who were doing their best to watch for two-handed touches and backstroke flip-turns across 6 whole lanes each, all by themselves.

Needless to say, we do still have a huge need for officials.  BUT we have the perfect way for anyone to make it official – next Saturday morning, the Y is finally offering – right here in Fort Worth – an Intro (Level 1) Officiating class!  The class will run from 8.30-12.30 at the Westside Y, and you will have the chance immediately after to go out and ‘shadow’ for our afternoon meet.  Class is free, free snacks, free lunch.  What’s more, once you’re official your child gets a free meet entry every time you officiate.

Phil Nelson is coming over from Dallas to lead the class – he’s one of the top trainers in the entire country.  If you were ever thinking of making it official, this is the time to do it.

Here’s the link to register for the class (yes, you do need to register): YMCA Officials Class

Please comment to this post if you have any questions.  And thank you in advance to those who step up to do this – every time you officiate, you help make our meets better and you help our swimmers get better as they get helpful feedback so that they can improved their swimming.

See you at the pool!



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  1. I have registered for the Official 1 class, however, I had to mark the payment option as Other in order to NOT have to make a $40 payment via credit card. Hope that was how that was supposed to be done.

  2. Kristie Rose

    Is there a code to use to waive the $40 registration fee?

  3. Mark payment as “other”.

  4. Kate Stephens

    I have registered. Do we have to stay for the afternoon portion to be “certified”? Or is the shadowing just optional?

  5. I registered for the class before I knew that the Y was paying for our registration. Is there any way to get reimbursed? I would also like to know if I can shadow a different day since I volunteered to run the concessions again this week.

  6. I am registered and will stay to shadow at the meet. Just not sure how much help I will be this summer but will do my best.

  7. Kate, there is only one session on Sat. All swimmers in all age groups are swimming for the afternoon meet.

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