Last day to register for Officials class…

Good morning, Barracudas!

Just a heads up – today is the last day to register for the Officials class being held here in FW at the Westside Y this Saturday from 8.30am-12.30pm.

Again, these are usually held over in Dallas, so this is a very convenient opportunity for us!  Being trained as an official does not obligate you to officiate every meet, but it does position you to volunteer in a much needed role, it gets you access to free meet entries for your swimmer, and if nothing else if you’re a non-swimmer like me it helps you understand what our coaches are actually trying to help our kids learn to do.

Oh, and a free shirt…!  🙂

Swim Officials Class

Hope to see you by the pool…!

(posted by Chris)


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  1. Lidia Bowers

    Hello there!

    Wanted to register but could not get access.

    Thanks, Lidia Bowers

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Linda, what are you getting?

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