June 10th results

Hi Barracudas! Congratulations on another great meet! I’m so proud of our swimmers and parents! Everyone worked really hard. A special shout out to the 13 Barracuda parents who went through training that morning to be officials! We so appreciate it!! So excited to have you on board as officials.

•Meet results are attached. What I need you to do is start checking Lone Star qualifying times (see Lone Star packet for those times) and see how your swimmer is doing in that regard. (I will send a top times report tomorrow to help with that). Now is the time to request events on your meet entry form that are still needed for your swimmer to qualify. Sometimes I change events, so please please make a note on the entry form if you requested an event because your swimmer is close to qualifying but hasn’t yet. Otherwise I generally put them in events they haven’t done or haven’t done in awhile in order to get times or better times in those particular events. We will have a parent meeting soon (tbd) to talk more about Lone Star.

•TAT tomorrow (optional!) at 11.

•Entries for Saturday’s meet are due tomorrow by 5:00.

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug
June 10 Results.pdf


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  1. Did I miss the June 3rd results?

  2. They are under the “Results” tab at the top. June 10th has not been placed there yet.

  3. Oops, I’m blind. thanks!

  4. If I accidentally signed Andrew Lin up for the June 17th meet when I resubmitted his entries for 6/10, please disregard it. Andrew is at Boy Scout camp this week and will not be home in time for the meet on 6/17. Thanks!!

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