New officials

Thank you to all the parents who attended the YMCA Officials Level 1 class and I know all of you have already jumped online and aced that test. 🙂

One last order of business is communication from the Dallas Swim league on when and where officials are needed. Of course you are always needed at meets where the Barracudas are swimming, and don’t worry; there’s not much call for officials other than those meets.

There is a FB group page, pasted below, that you can join. It will be active over the next month as there are so many upcoming meets: two Dallas meets at 2 locations on both the 17th (Richardson and Coppell) and the 24th (Richardson and Highland Park), 2 Champs meets at Town north and Hood County, and of course Lone Star. Meet directors and/or coaches will put out a call for officals at each meet and there will be a big call out for how many of the 10 Lone Star sessions you can work.

There soon should also be call-outs for shirts sizes for Lone Star and a chance to get your very own name tag.

So, all you new officials, make your way to the Facebook group below and apply for membership. It’s a closed group, so you have to be approved to be in it, just like our parent group.

Dallas YMCA Swim Officials



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  1. Thanks,Ron. Where do we find the link to the test?

  2. You should be able to find it by logging back in to the LCDC Exchange you registered with, , and click the link on the left that says “View YMCA Transcript” . There should be a link to the test from there. If not, email Phil Nelson. There may be something he has to do to open up the test for you.

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