Lone Star Parade Parent Email

Subject: Lone Star Parade Parent Email

Dear BCCY swimmers and parents,

As many of you are aware, on the last day of Lone Star there is a parade of athletes that all the YMCA teams participate in. This year for Lone Star our team is going with a rockstar theme for the parade. Your swimmers can dress up as their favorite rock star, or anything rockstar-ish. Some items to consider for the costume could be fake instruments, wigs, temporary tattoos, gloves, spiked jewelry etc. Sadly, as great as Kiss is, we may not want to aspire to mimic their look as face and hair paint are not allowed in the pool. There will be little to no time between the parade and beginning of finals, so kids will not be able to wash face paint or hair spray out, and it isn’t allowed in the water. Those who will not be participating in finals Sunday evening however, are more than welcome to use face paint.

The parade line ups will begin outside and we will be standing in the sun on the pavement, so it is important to remind your kid(s) to take shoes with them, as well as sunscreen. Please remember to bring your costume to the pool Sunday afternoon. Dressing in a costume is by no means necessary to participate in the parade, so if a costume is forgotten or not obtained, they will still be able to join in on the fun! The parade is one of the most fun parts of Lone Star so I hope you all plan to participate!

Thank you,

Alexis Hackney


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