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Registering for the Fall!

Hello State Champion, Barracudas!!! What an incredible year we had. It was so great that I’m ready to do it again and reach new heights. After a little rest first. =) It won’t be long until the fall season is upon us. So the following is how to make sure you have a spot and are ready to hit the ground running (or pool swimming I guess I should say!) when it’s time. September 5th is when the season begins! We will get back at getting those strokes smooth, and legal, and beautiful, and then fast!

Registration Process:

• Attached is a list of all swimmers from the 2017 season and what group they will be in this fall. This will be the list they are compared to when you register. Contact me ASAP if you have questions about the groups.

• Registration will start on August 1 at the Benbrook Y only.

• Please remember that swim team is very near capacity (all groups!) and that new assessments will begin on August 29. Therefore, we can only guarantee that there will be space for you through August 28. So, if your child is in Blue Group especially, but really any group – those practice times are first come, first served as there are limited slots for each practice time. So be sure to register ASAP.

· Options for registration:

o Register in person at the Benbrook Y front desk.

o Email your completed registration packet (packet is attached) with all signatures and initials included. If you email your packet, your card on file will be charged the $35 league fee.

Other items of note:

· Our parent meeting will be September 11th at 6:00pm at the Benbrook Y. Please plan to be there – no matter how long you’ve been on the team! If you’re a veteran, you will have great insight on helping the newer parents, and can make sure we don’t miss communicating anything.

· The price has been increased $5 for each group. We haven’t had a rate increase on swim team since 2013 and all other Y programs usually have one every other year. Still an incredible bargain in the swimming world. The exciting thing about this is that our meet fee policy has been changed!!! You will ONLY be charged meet fees for League Champs and Lone Star moving forward. All others, the Y will pay for!! Very exciting news.

I love being your coach and I’m excited about the upcoming year! See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

FALL ’17 group registration.pdf

Registration Packet-FALL 2017.pdf

Year Round Swim Team 2017-2018.pdf

2017-18 Meet Schedule.pdf


Prevent Injury!!

"Some of you may think poor posture isn’t a big deal and wonder why swimmers should fix this. There are a couple of reasons. Rounded shoulders and a flat back limit overall spinal motion, a necessary motion during swimming. This poor positioning also puts you into a bigger risk for injury, including shoulder impingement and herniated discs." I doubt most of our swimmers will read this, but maybe if a few parents do we can begin to help our kids prevent injury!

Shirt Order Form

Our aquatics director had a shirt designed for us! The shirts will only be $5 for swimmers! (Parents’ shirts will be $10). Pretty awesome! Congratulations, state champion Barracudas!

State Championship T.pdf

New Standard Times and Records set!

We’ve never had a meet like this. So incredibly proud of how hard these kids have worked and their hard work really paid off… WOW.

19 A, 10 AA, 2 AAA, 2 state records (one unofficial – the 13-14 boys team that broke it last year was a combined team, 2 Ys combined) and 32 team records!!!

New Lone Star State Records:

Lone Star YMCA State Record 2017

200 Free Relay Boys 15-21


Meharg, Morgan, Morgan, Meharg

Lone Star YMCA State Record* 2017

200 Free Relay Boys 13-14


Pennington, Scheffler, Chandler, Scheffler

New Time Standards that were reached:

A times:

Girls 11-12:

Emma Fitzhugh

500 Free

100 Back

Sydney Nelson

50 Fly

Ava Willis

500 Free

100 Free

Boys 11-12:

Sam Ogden

50 Back

50 Free

100 Free

200 Free

Boys 13-14:

Colin Carleo

100 Fly

Parker Chandler

50 Free

Drew Pennington

100 Free

Caleb Scheffler

50 Free

Noah Scheffler

100 Fly

200 Free

Girls 15-16:

Kaitlyn Klvac

100 Free

Boys 15-16:

Brayden Hackney

500 Free

Kai Morgan

400 IM

100 Breast

Elijah Sohn

100 Free

AA Times:

Kaitlyn Klvac

50 Free

Girls 15-16

Alexis Hackney

50 Free

Girls 17-18

Noah Scheffler

50 Free

100 Free

Boys 13-14

Kai Morgan

100 Free

50 Free

200 IM

Boys 15-16

Schuyler Morgan

100 Fly

50 Free

Boys 17-18

Peter Meharg

100 Free

Boys 17-18

AAA Times:

Kai Morgan

100 Fly

Boys 15-16

Peter Meharg

50 Free

Boys 17-18

Just missing (less than 1 sec away) were:


Brayden 500 free

Sydney 100 Back

Corah 50 Fly

Corah 50 Back

Corah 50 Breast

Michaela 100 Fly

Liz 100 Free

Caleb 100 Fly

Sam 50 Breast

Reagan 50 Free


Ava 100 IM

Michaela 50 Fly

Alexis 100 Free (new A tho)

Schuyler 100 Free

Brayden 100 Free

Drew 100 Breast

Peter 100 Breast (new A tho)

Parker 50 Free (new A tho)


Peter 100 Free (new AA tho)

Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone!

team party

Team Party tomorrow at the Ryan Family YMCA outdoor waterpark! 10am-12. Bring food/snacks/something to share! I’ll bring the haul of medals from Lone Star (and the ribbons from summer champs). Families of swimmers are most welcome to come too!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


I was just informed that there was an error on my recent Tshirt post. I typed out this long update, and only the first little paragraph posted. 😒

So! Here’s the new update:
The tshirts are still not ready. Grrr. I was promised that they would be complete by end of day today.
I am going to copy/paste here, the protocol that should have been listed on the previous email. –>


Hello all!



We will be getting there on Thursday and staying at the Homewood Suites until Sunday, which is where most of the team will be. I know I may get bombarded with texts, but if you are going to Lonestar and will also be staying at the Homewood Suites, please text me to let me know what day you are checking in. This way 1) I’ll have your cell # and can communicate to arrange pick up at the hotel, and 2) I can hopefully get you your shirts asap so that you can wear them for the meet!

If you will not be staying overnight, or will not be staying at the Homewood Suites, please text me to let me know what day you will be there for your childs events, and if you are in morning or afternoon session. I will arrange to meet you at the natatorium.

My number is 817-688-6006


I will bring the rest of the shirts to the team party at the Ryan YMCA on the 26th. (if you missed the party info, it’s on the blog) If you are not coming to the party, or if you would like your shirts before the party, you are more than welcome to do a porch pick up after we get back on the 24th.

If you are NOT going to Lonestar, can you please, please send me a text to let me know that you will not be there. This way I will know which shirt orders I do not need to carry around with me at Lonestar looking for parents to give them to.

If you have any other questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to email or text me me.

See you soon!!!

Mel 🙂

Mel 🙂

Melissa Sutter

Real Time Lone Star messages!


We have a great new way of communicating! Please join the following site and SEND TO ALL YOUR PARENTS! They will receive real time messages from the LONE STAR Meet Crew! They will receive the messages via email and text message! Post it to your FB pages send it in an email! Text it out! We want as many parents as possible to join!

Jennifer Pewitt

Jennifer Pewitt
Associate Vice President of Aquatics & Special Needs

Lone Star help needed!

Lone Star runs mostly on volunteers! That means, we need you, yes YOU! =) Wendy Petersen was gracious to set up a signup genius for us so that we can easily figure out the best way to help.
There are two different ways you can help: being a timer (best seat in the house), and being a temporary viewing seating “hostess” (bouncer?)! Check out the sign up genius! Thank you guys for all you do!


See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

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Temporary Seating at LS :)

This year, the staff at Lone Star are sectioning off two rows of seating in the center of the natatorium to insure parents get "the best seat in the house" during their child’s event. How will this work you ask? We will have parent volunteers monitoring these rows and reminding others that these are not all day seats. Having this section will allow for parents who are camped outside, or sitting in the nosebleeds (anywhere really) to have a place to sit for their child’s race instead of standing in front of the first rows.

This is something new, and it will take some adjustment, but we are the biggest team and we can set a great tone for everyone else. As long as we are all respectful of these seats and the amazing volunteers who are working there, it can be a great solution to past problems.

We all know that the actual best seats in the house are the timing seats, but if sitting on that little precipice of land is not your idea of fun, you will soon have the opportunity to have the second best seats in the house. We will need volunteers during the Saturday afternoon session to help monitor this new "temporary viewing seating." If you are monitoring this area, then you get to have one of these precious seats for the Saturday afternoon session. Keep an eye on your email for the signup genius that will be coming. Thanks!

Stephanie Krohn, parent volunteer

"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not." The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Shirt Order Update

Hello all!I just got a call from my printer this afternoon, and the shirts will not be ready until Thursday. They will be ready to pass out on Friday. Here is what the protocol will be for delivery/pick up