Info on League Champs Meet at Town North YMCA PLEASE INFORM YOUR PARENTS

Hi Everyone

Town North YMCA is looking forward to hosting this weekend’s League Championships Meet! Here is some information your parents MUST HAVE!

Parking: Please park at the south end of the parking lot and enter the pool at the southwest corner by our Concession Stand Gate. Overflow parking is available at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, located at the corner of Midway and Northaven Roads. The lot is under renovation and there are several temporary fences and boundaries in place. Please do NOT move any of these to make additional parking! DO NOT PARK ON NORTHAVEN ROAD AS THE DALLAS POLICE WILL TOW CARS PARKED THERE!

Family Seating: While we have 10 lanes to make a large meet like this one run more smoothly and quickly, our pool deck is too small to seat families. Our pool has NO seating capabilities! Your swim families need to bring camp chairs and pop up tents to have comfortable seating during the meet. We do not have chairs or any kind of seating for spectators. Spectators may watch their swimmers from the turn end of the pool and return to their seating outside the pool fence.

Ready Bench Please have a coach or designated parent bring your team’s swimmers to the Ready Bench. Parents are not allowed to come to the Ready Bench area and wait with their swimmer for their event. Any parents at the Ready Bench will be asked to leave the area.

Timers: If you have parents who want to be on the pool deck we have a great opportunity! Please let them know we will need 30 timers to run this meet so please let us know if they are available for this!

Thank you for helping us with getting this vital information to your parents! We are looking forward to having a great meet!


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