First Meet Information!

Hello Barracudas!! It was a GREAT first week of practice! I really am excited about the season. Your kids, from brand new to seasoned swimmers, all did a really good job. The first couple of weeks are always a little crazy (this week was no exception!) but you’ll be amazed at how quickly everyone learns the “routine” and we will be smooth sailing.

We have our first meet coming up soon! And every single swimmer is invited to participate. Even if your swimmer is brand new there is an event for you. I have attached the meet information. Please read it carefully. You will use the link to register for the meet. The meet is free! (covered by your team fees) Meets are a great way for the kids to get to spend time with each other without their heads in the water the whole time and get to know each other better. Same for the parents! It’s also a really great fitness boost and confidence builder. And they’re just lots of fun. This will be our last outdoor meet until May so it’s a fun one in that way too. 10 lane pool, great venue.

Never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Also, please plan to attend the parent meeting on Monday!! (Sept. 11). LOTS of questions can be answered there.

My assistant coaches and I love getting to coach your kids!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Town North 24sept17 Meet Info (docx)


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  1. Angela Jaeger-Chapman

    Do the boys need a certain color swim trunks for the meet?

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