October 21 Meet Info!

Hi Barracudas! It’s been a great first month of practice! I hope your kids are having fun and learning a lot and getting better everyday. I’m very excited about this meet! It’s a YMCA National Virtual meet, which means that we will compete against Y’s from all over the country, just not in the same building. =) It’s been formatted specifically for the virtual meet. We will send in the times from the meet and we will be ranked against the other teams. So be sure to make this one! For swimmers aged 9 and under, it’s a normal meet (And in all practical ways, it’s totally a normal meet for everyone). Only 10 and ups are eligible for the virtual meet (I’m not sure why that is, but that’s what Y National told us).

Be sure to read the meet info (and you can check out all of the details of the virtual meet if you desire if you follow the link in the info), and please get those entries in on time. Only one relay per age group is allowed so I will put my 4 fastest swimmers in each relay to see how well we place nationally. We also have a few swimmers who are close to qualifying for the YMCA National Championships in April in Greensboro, NC and this meet will help them qualify. Exciting times. =)

Entries are due Monday, October 16, please by 5:00!!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Y Coppell 21OCT17 Virtual.pdf

Meet Entry Form


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  1. Hi: Quick question. My daughter turned 11 last week, so does she need to compete in the 11-12 group, or is the group based on her age at the start of the season? Thanks, Tricia

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  2. Also, the link inside the pdf for the entry form is a dead link. Is there another way to access the entry form? Sorry for all of the questions; this is our first meet ever 🙂

  3. Hi Tricia! Those are great questions. If you go to the meet info/entry tab above you will find a live link to sign up. And she will now compete in the 11-12 age group. Never hesitate to text me via the Remind app with any questions. -Bug

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