Payment for Champs

Hi Barracudas! Thanks for your patience waiting on how to make payment for the meet this coming weekend (this is the first season we’ve done things this way, so thanks for bearing with us as we figure it out). Attached is the paper you need to print out, sign, and bring back (or email to

Please please return this BY WEDNESDAY! (Entries for the meet are due TOMORROW!!)

Remember that there is no sparticus tomorrow!! Yellow/Orange sparticus group will swim only from 4:45-5:30 and Purple sparticus group will swim from 5:30-6:15.

(Also, a note about ribbons – I’m so sorry that we haven’t received ribbons for the meets this season. This has never happened before so for those of you who are new, please know this isn’t normal. The Sept meet ribbons always come late, the October meet ribbons never come late but the host Y ran out of ribbons =/, and the Rockwall meet ribbons always come THAT DAY, and we got some but some were put in the wrong bag so we didn’t get all of them. It’s been a strange season for ribbons. So very sorry about that. We should have ALL ribbons this next weekend.)

See you at the pool!!

Coach Bug

Authorization to draft account.pdf


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