Daily Archives: July 15, 2018

Shirts, Hats, and Tattoos!

I have everything bagged and ready to be picked up! Well, almost everything. The towels are not back from embroidery yet. If you ordered a towel along with other Barracuda swag, I will have your other items bagged and ready for pick up if you would like to go ahead and get those. I will send you a direct message via my CDM Wear email address as soon as the towels are ready. I will get an update tomorrow morning, but as of last week, they were telling me that they would be ready this Thursday.

I will be at the Westside Y from 10-11a this Tuesday, the 17th, to pass out orders. If you are unable to make it to pick up your order, you are more than welcome to do a porch pick up. Just send me a text with your name and when you plan on picking it up. My daughter will not be swimming at Lonestar due to an injury, but we will be there Sat evening and Sunday to cheer on our team. I am not planning on taking any orders with me, so please be sure to get yours picked up before leaving for Lonestar.

I have lots of extra temporary tattoos that I had ordered. If you or your child decide that you want to purchase some, I will have them with me on Tuesday when I go to Westside. Since those do not take up any space at all, I will also have them with me in my bag when we got to Lonestar. They are $2/pack. A pack contains 2 Barracudas and 1 spelled out Barracuda. I’ll try to have some change on me, but it would probably be best if you plan on bringing $1’s.

Please call or text with any questions. It’s a crazy busy week, so texting may be the fastest way to get a hold of me.

See you soon!

Mel 🙂