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Fall Championship Dec. 1&2

Sorry, Barracudas. Here is the PDF version of the Fall Champs info.


Fall Champs 12-1-18 .pdf


Fall Championship Dec. 1&2

Hey Barracudas! Our Fall Championship is finally here! Be sure to check the meet info posted here and then fill out the entry form and have it submitted by Sunday, Nov. 25.

Please remember that the fee is $25 per swimmer. You can indicate on the google doc how you wish to pay for it.

Everyone has worked super hard for this meet, we are all so proud of our swimmers. I think it will be a blast!

We will see y’all at the pool!

Coach Roy and Coach Londyn

Fall Champs 12-1-18 .docx

Comment Last Night

We apologize if anyone was offended by the comment last night.  This page is an open subscription, meaning anyone can subscribe to the emails, and unfortunately, comment back.  The comment has been removed as well as the link and the user has been removed from the email subscription, blocked, and reported to WordPress.

Last Day for the Barracuda Swag Store!

Get your orders in by midnight tonight!!

Rockwall Meet Results

Here are the meet results from the Rockwall 11-10-18 meet.

Everyone did so wonderful and we are all so proud of our swimmers!


Coach Londyn

results from rwy 11-10.pdf

Just 5 days left on the Barracuda Swag Store

By request, we have put up images of the front, back and (some) sleeves of the shirts and hoodies.  Please get you order in by midnight, Friday ,November 16th, 2018.

We have also added a couple of bag tag options that have been created that can be customized with your child’s name on it.

You can click on this link to view the online store: Barracuda Swag


Meet entries philosophy

Hi Barracudas! I wanted to take a moment to communicate with you all again about my philosophy on meet entries. It occurred to me that I hadn’t done that in awhile…Some of you may ask, “why do you have us send in meet entry preferences when you end up changing them anyway?” That’s a great question. Let me explain…
Every swimmer is different and has different needs and goals and abilities. So for one meet, there will be as many needs and goals and abilities as there are swimmers who sign up for the meet. I take each one of those into consideration every single meet. And I have trained my coaches to do the same, so that going forward even in my absence we continue this intentional, studied time of doing meet entries, for the success of all of our swimmers whatever their goals and needs and abilities are at that particular moment.
I could explain the little details of my process (and will if you really want to know). The short of it is, however, that often, maybe even most, times we as coaches take your submitted entry *preferences* into consideration. It helps us to know what events your child would *like* to swim. And we defer to those every time when there aren’t other factors at play (factors being: needing to swim an event they haven’t done in awhile, needing to challenge them to do a new event or an event they need to grow in confidence in, needing to get in a good day of training for them, etc).
Always know that we will not put your child in an event that we do not think they can handle! (Usually however they’re more ready than you, or they!, might think).
So please remember that your submitted entries are preferences and are not necessarily what events they will be put in; but that your submitted preferences help the coaches decide what events to put your kids in.
We usually try to get some if not all of their preferences, but will defer to helping them become the best swimmers they can be, and that might mean putting them in events you did not submit.

I hope this helps a little bit to know that we want your preferences but may not always heed those presences. =) When we don’t there is always a very good reason. And if you are not sure, never hesitate to ask.
I’m incredibly proud of how my assistant coaches are doing. I hope you are too. I know this team will continue to be a great success.

It has been an honor and a joy to be your coach.

See you at the pool (a few more times),
Coach Bug

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Rockwall Meet Entries

Hi Barracudas!

Here are the Rockwall Meet Entries. Please check them to make sure there are no problems. If you have any questions, please let us know via the Remind app.

Coach Roy and Coach Londyn


Thanksgiving schedule

Barracudas! Thanksgiving is coming! That means lots of good food, and a change in the practice schedule for that week…

Monday, November 19:
•BOTH Blue groups will practice during the 4:00 blue group time.
•purple/orange/yellow regular practice

Tuesday, November 20:
•NO morning practice.
•Purple, Yellow and Orange will ALL practice during Orange group time 4:45-6:15. NO purple group from 7-8.

Wednesday, November 21
•Morning practice for Yellow AND Orange groups 6-7:30.
•NO afternoon practices for any group

Thursday and Friday – NO practice. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 26:
Regular practice schedule!

Please note: Fall Champs Meet entries will be due ON SUNDAY, November 25! The meet director needs them from us on the 26th so in order to make that happen we MUST have them the 25th.
And remember, champs meets are not free. This meet will cost $25. You will indicate on the google doc how you want to pay for that.

There will be NO PRACTICE Monday, December 3 and Tuesday December 4 after Fall Champs.

Coach Roy

Barracuda Swag Store is open!

The Barracuda Swag Store is finally open! We are still ordering the Next Level brand of tshirts. They are so soft and comfortable and such a great fit on everyone.

The Next Level lightweight hoodies are still available as well.

We have replaced our Dri-Fit shirts with a *NEW* style. They are no longer a solid grey or red. The colors are called Electric Silver and Electric Red, and they have a little more spunk to them. You’ll need to go to the ordering site and check them out. They’re pretty cool.  One note, the silver color comes in only adult sizes while the red comes in youth and adult sizes.

We will be offering a new 4″ window decal and there are still temporary tattoos available.

You can click on this link to view the online store: Barracuda Swag

Deadline to order is Friday November 16th, 2018. Items will not be printed and ordered until after the deadline date. It will then be a few weeks before the items come in. I will send out another message to let everyone know when I will be at the pool to get everything passed out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call/text me at 817-247-7778. You can also send a message to my business email: