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Info re the Meet

Email from the Town North Coach:

Hi Everyone

I wanted to just remind all of you to BE SURE to tell your parents to bring pop up tents and camp chairs for the meet tomorrow! With all the rain we have had the seating areas for parents are going to be soggy at best. Without camp chairs, it will be quite miserable and our deck space is not large enough to hold those who do not bring what they need! And finally, please remind everyone to park at the back area of our parking lot by the outdoor pool and come in the gate by concessions at the southwest corner of the pool. The YMCA building will not be open.

We have our outdoor locker rooms as always, but we have been asked to open our indoor family locker rooms also. Please let your parents and swimmers know about this and ask them all to observe the YMCA rules about using these facilities tomorrow morning. The family locker rooms will be available from the indoor pool deck ONLY as the YMCA building will be closed during our meet. The locker room doors leading into the YMCA lobby will remain locked.

Because of the recent heavy rains, we must ask that you please be sure to clean any mud off your feet before coming inside to use these facilities. It will also be important for swimmers who come onto the pool deck for their events to be sure their feet are not muddy as that will delay the meet to periodically clean up the mud. I am hoping that the YMCA will allow us to use the indoor locker rooms for our meets in the future, but we will have to be responsible in helping to keep it clean for that to happen!

I will be watching the weather tomorrow morning so that we can make any decisions about weather delays. I will send an email out by 6:00 AM if we decide we need to postpone the meet for the weather. If you do not hear from me that means we are going ahead with the meet as it is planned with warm ups starting at 7:30 AM. I do hope that we get the weather we need to have our meet!

Thanks to all!


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Check these entries one last time please!

These are the updated/mostly finalized entries. Please find your swimmer! If you see an error or have a question or thought you signed up but don’t see your name, please contact me ASAP!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

pentathlon entries.pdf

Pentathlon Entries

Hi Barracudas! Check these entries ASAP. Let me know if you thought you sent entries but don’t see your name. It’s going to be a fun meet, I’m looking forward to it!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


1st Annual Pentathlon! 1st Meet of the Season

Hello Barracudas! We had a great first week of practice! Your kids are a blast to coach. I’m excited about our first meet of the season! It’s already almost here. Everyone on the team is invited and encouraged to attend – even if you have only been on the team for one week! The meet information is attached. Please read carefully. All swimmers are swimming in the morning session.

I’m excited about how they have structured this first meet. It’s going to be a "pentathlon" and high point awards will be given for each age group. What that means is, your swimmer can swim FIVE events! (but for those of you who are new, they don’t have to swim five events). And at the end of the meet high point awards will be given to the swimmers in each age group who scored the most points (20 points for first place in an event, 17 for second place, etc, and then the points will be added up for each event).

I think it will be a lot of fun. We would love to have all of you there. Entries are due by 5:00 on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17!

How to sign up for the meet:
Go to the meet info/entry tab on the blog
Click "swim meet entry form"
Fill out the information and submit

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


Swim Team Roster

Hello State Champion Barracudas! I hope your August off has been wonderful. In a couple weeks we get to be together again for another fun season of swimming! Please be sure to get registered before we open it up for new assessments (August 28 and 29). Attached is the roster of people who have already registered for this fall. If your name is not on it you have not registered yet. (I need to register my kids too!) Please look on the blog at the post called Fall Swim Team Registration which was posted on August 1st. It contains specific easy instructions on how to get registered.

Each year we’ve been excited to make a few changes to continue to make our program excellent. When I first began coaching we only had about 20 kids so it wasn’t too hard to figure out times and pool space. As we have grown over the years, and as our swimmers have gone from beginners, to good, to GREAT, we’ve had to make a lot of changes. This year one exciting change is giving purple group some extra time in the pool along with some extra coaching. The other exciting change is, as our kids have gotten older and more advanced, we have added a two-a-day afternoon option for yellow group.

I look forward to seeing all of you in September!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Roster 8-20-18.xls

Fall Swim Team Registration

Hello State Champion Barracudas! I hope you are enjoying your break! I sure am. =) It’s August – which means two things: one, it’s break time! and two, it’s time to register for the fall season!

Attached is the 2018-2019 swim team registration packet. A lot of you are longtime swimmers and wonder why we have you re-fill out this paperwork year after year. We just have to have updated paperwork each season, so thanks for bearing with us!

Each swimmer must fill out pages 3, 4 and 5 of this packet and must pay the $35 league fee to secure your spot in your group. You may either drop off paperwork at the Benbrook Community Center YMCA, or you may email your paperwork to JKotar. Please include in the body of your email: “I authorize the Benbrook Community Center YMCA to draft my card on file the $35 league fee registration.”

Please be aware that paperwork turned in that is not complete will have to be sent back and unfortunately your swimmer’s slot will not be secured until we get the completed paperwork back.

As has been true the last few years, we have limited space available in each practice group. In order to ensure your swimmer is on our swim team this fall, please register BEFORE August 28. Beginning August 28, we begin assessments and open registration to the general public.

If you have any questions, please reach out to JKotar. Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to another great season!

I have lots of medals from Lone Star to put in the ribbon box and plan to do that tomorrow. I’ll shoot a text out when I am at the Y in case you want to stop by to get your medals while I am there.

See you at the pool! In a month!

Coach Bug

2018-2019 Pre-Registration List.pdf

Registration Packet.pdf

Sign Up Genius spots

Sign up Genius spots for Ready Bench, cases of water, and some hospitality items.

Your help is always appreciated.!/showSignUp/20f0e4da8ab2da6f49-lone

Shirts, Hats, and Tattoos!

I have everything bagged and ready to be picked up! Well, almost everything. The towels are not back from embroidery yet. If you ordered a towel along with other Barracuda swag, I will have your other items bagged and ready for pick up if you would like to go ahead and get those. I will send you a direct message via my CDM Wear email address as soon as the towels are ready. I will get an update tomorrow morning, but as of last week, they were telling me that they would be ready this Thursday.

I will be at the Westside Y from 10-11a this Tuesday, the 17th, to pass out orders. If you are unable to make it to pick up your order, you are more than welcome to do a porch pick up. Just send me a text with your name and when you plan on picking it up. My daughter will not be swimming at Lonestar due to an injury, but we will be there Sat evening and Sunday to cheer on our team. I am not planning on taking any orders with me, so please be sure to get yours picked up before leaving for Lonestar.

I have lots of extra temporary tattoos that I had ordered. If you or your child decide that you want to purchase some, I will have them with me on Tuesday when I go to Westside. Since those do not take up any space at all, I will also have them with me in my bag when we got to Lonestar. They are $2/pack. A pack contains 2 Barracudas and 1 spelled out Barracuda. I’ll try to have some change on me, but it would probably be best if you plan on bringing $1’s.

Please call or text with any questions. It’s a crazy busy week, so texting may be the fastest way to get a hold of me.

See you soon!

Mel 🙂

Lone Star Parade Information

Dear BCCY parents,

This year for the parade of athletes at Lone Star we are going with an “out of this world” theme. Similar to an outer space theme! The swimmers can have alien, planets, space, astronaut etc themed costumes. These costume should be easy to put on and take off because the kids will swim right after the parade (meaning that they will have to put the costume over their swim suit). Pinterest had some easy, cheap, cute costume ideas! Please no hair paint or body paint either because we don’t have time to wash it all off and we don’t want to get the paint in the pool. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR COSTUMES TO THE POOL ON SUNDAY. Also don’t forget flip flops or sandals or some sort of shoe, and sunblock because the parade line ups will start outside and they will be standing in the hot sun on the pavement.

Lone Star Entries take 2! Please check!