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virtual meet entries

Entries are complete! Please take a look at them and contact me ASAP with any questions or concerns. Remember, this meet we are only allowed one relay team per event. Next meet I will be sure to get everyone in that I can. It’s going to be a great meet! I’m excited to see how we do nationally.

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug




Hi Barracudas! We have a super exciting opportunity! The first ever Barracuda Lap-A-Thon! I’m really excited about it as it will benefit our swimmers AND be an excellent way to continue helping our team AND our community! This will happen on October 30th during our regular practice time. Please read the attached information… but here is the gist…

Each participating swimmer will have 45 minutes to swim the most laps they can. Recruit friends, family and neighbors to make a donation to the Y. Donations can either be a lump-sum amount, or can be a per lap amount (one lap is 50 yards). Your child is not responsible for collecting any money, he/she is just responsible for collecting the donor’s name, address, phone number and amount they would like to donate. They turn in their list of donors to the Y,swim their laps and the Y will do the rest!

How will this impact the swim team?
Last swim team season, the YMCA provided swim team participants over $7,000 in swim team scholarships alone (not including monthly membership dues). We like to think of this as an opportunity for the swim team to raise money to support our own scholarship beneficiaries. What better way to support your team than to help ensure they can continue to participate, even if their family is experiencing a temporary hardship!

Plus it is going to be a really great workout! =)

See you at the pool!!

Coach Bug


October 21 Meet Info!

Hi Barracudas! It’s been a great first month of practice! I hope your kids are having fun and learning a lot and getting better everyday. I’m very excited about this meet! It’s a YMCA National Virtual meet, which means that we will compete against Y’s from all over the country, just not in the same building. =) It’s been formatted specifically for the virtual meet. We will send in the times from the meet and we will be ranked against the other teams. So be sure to make this one! For swimmers aged 9 and under, it’s a normal meet (And in all practical ways, it’s totally a normal meet for everyone). Only 10 and ups are eligible for the virtual meet (I’m not sure why that is, but that’s what Y National told us).

Be sure to read the meet info (and you can check out all of the details of the virtual meet if you desire if you follow the link in the info), and please get those entries in on time. Only one relay per age group is allowed so I will put my 4 fastest swimmers in each relay to see how well we place nationally. We also have a few swimmers who are close to qualifying for the YMCA National Championships in April in Greensboro, NC and this meet will help them qualify. Exciting times. =)

Entries are due Monday, October 16, please by 5:00!!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Y Coppell 21OCT17 Virtual.pdf

Meet Entry Form

Order Your Barracuda Wear!

Hello!The ordering site is up and running! Yahoo!
You will notice that the towels and hats are not listed. I just need to do some double checking on pricing for the towels, and I’m waiting to get sample hats so that I can show you what they will look like.
The last day to order tshirts will be next Sunday, October 8th.
If for some reason, the towels and hats are posted too late, I will extend the ordering deadline for those items ONLY. It’s totally OK to go in and place one order for shirts now, and then later a 2nd order for towels or hats.

FYI: The V-neck tshirts, Ladies dri-fit shirts, and the Lightweight Hoodies are only available in adult sizes. Many of our younger swimmers do love the thin Lightweight Hoodies, and you’ll see lots of them wearing one. These hoodies are more slim fitting, so an XS or Small fit the younger ones just fine.

If you are new to the team, please understand that I try to get us the best pricing possible. We choose the best quality apparel (those shirts are so soft and feel great to wear). We have printing on the front, back, and arm of our apparel. There are also credit card fees to cover. I think with all things considered, we have the best prices…..AND the best looking team out there by the pool and in the stands. Seasoned parents, am I right? 🙂

Here is the link for ordering: Barracuda Wear

Feel free to give me a call, text, or email with any questions. My information is below.

See you soon!



I forgot to include the 9-10 girls relays! Here is a complete list of relays.

Remember, the warmup session is very important. Please be there 15 minutes before warmups.

Don’t forget sunscreen and food and snacks. Chairs to sit on. A canopy if you have one (if not, no worries, we all share). A sharpie to mark your swimmer’s arm.

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


Meet Entries – please check!

Hi Barracudas! Here is the list of meet entries for the meet this Sunday. Please please please CHECK THIS LIST to make sure that if you thought you entered, you are actually listed. Contact me ASAP if you are not listed and thought you registered.

I’m really excited about our first meet! And I’m excited that we have so many new swimmers doing it. It will be a lot of fun. Please remember to sit with the rest of the team – there are TONS of reasons for that, but the biggest being, we need to be able to know where you are so that we can help you get your swimmers where they need to be when they need to be there. Look for the red and black shirts in our tent city!

A word about relays, and entries… I always try to get as many people in relays as possible. Often, due to numbers, not everyone will get to participate. Please know though that I try to get everyone in. Sometimes, if I don’t have exact relay numbers, to make room for a new person, I will not put my fastest swimmer in a relay. Sometimes, if I don’t have exact numbers, I will keep the newest person out of a relay to give them a chance to watch and learn. Either way, there is always a method to my madness. =) Never hesitate to ask if you have questions. As for entries, I always reserve the right to change any entries you have sent in. (Most coaches don’t let you choose at all). =)

We are having a great time coaching your kids!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


Team Swim Suits

Just a reminder … I will be at the YMCA this afternoon from 3:50-5:20 for sizing, and again on Monday from 3:50-6:15. The team page will close on Tuesday, September 19.

Thank you
Karen Ogden

Swim Jitsu Post for Blog

For those who are interested there is a super fun swim activity in Frisco (at Texas Ford Aquatics – NOT the same pool as Lone Star) this weekend called SwimJitsu. Think inflatable obstacle course in the pool. All swimmers are welcome. There is online pre-registration AND onsite registration the day of the event. There are some swimmers that will be attending wave 3 on Saturday (2:30-4:30pm). Come and join the fun!

Team Swimsuit

Good morning. I will be at the YMCA this afternoon and Friday from 3:50 – 5pm for sizing purposes. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you
Karen Ogden

Swim Team Suit

Good afternoon Barracuda parents. I will be at the YMCA this afternoon from 4 – 7 with the sizing kit for ordering the custom swim team suit for your swimmer. It is not required that you purchase this suit.

Karen Ogden