Benbrook Entries

Please check these ASAP to make sure I haven’t made any mistakes! Contact me ASAP if I have. Relays are not set – I may make changes the day of the relays so if you are not in one, that may change – if you are in one, that also could change. >

Rest, Taper, Nutrition and Practice Changes

Hi Barracuda parents! I wanted to say a word about this last week before the meet. Sleep is critically important for these kids this week. As is eating well. Please help them get to bed EARLY each day – even on nights when they can sleep in the next day it’s important they get to bed EARLY. Cutting out junk food will be good too. (Let them stay up late, sleep late, and eat all kinds of junk AFTER Lone Star). =) Teenagers, PUT THE PHONES AWAY AT NIGHT! For real though, put it in a different room, or turn it off. You don’t need the lure of the buzz to keep you from getting solid sleep. I see you, swimmers. =)


For those of you who are familiar with "carbo loading", the advice on nutrition has changed some. Carbs are important, but protein is just as important (perhaps moreso) and needs to be included with the carbs. Please take a moment to check out these very good quick articles re nutrition (and an excerpt that I will include at the end of this email)…


As for tapering – tapering is SO individual so it’s hard to come up with a straight up plan for everyone but I attempt to do that. Practices will be easier now than they have been all year, especially for the older kids. We push really hard through the year and swimmers are a strange beast anyway, so for some swimmers it is actually hard to NOT work hard (some). =) Please, no more dryland. No lifting weights. No running sprints. No riding bikes. I would even say, please no Hurricane Harbor or Six Flags. This week we rest. We will do drills in practice to keep them loose and work on starts and turns and relay starts. We’ve broken down and fatigued their muscles for the last two months. Time to let those muscles recharge and be in top form for next weekend. Please see the attached file for an article about having a successful swim meet.

Practice Changes (PLEASE check these!):

Blue Groups who practice at Benbrook – your practice schedule is the same this week. But please note, Wednesday is the LAST DAY OF PRACTICE UNTIL SEPTEMBER!

Monday practice!! Blue Group at Westside will swim 12-1 (no sparticus). Purple will swim 1-2. Orange/Yellow will NOT swim on Monday!

Tuesday practice!! Purple Group will NOT practice on Tuesday! Orange/Yellow will practice normal time, 10-11:30 (last day of practice for Orange/yellow until September 5).

Wednesday practice!! In order to let coaches and other swimmers sleep in a bit, Blue Group practice at Westside will be from 9:30-10:30. Purple will practice 10:30-11:30! Last day of practice for Blue Groups and Purple Group!! NO orange/yellow practice!

Final Thoughts:

Because we are tapering, and practices will be much easier, expect your swimmers to begin to have a lot more energy than they’ve had in awhile. They may start to drive you crazy. This is a good sign. =)

I hope this all makes sense. Bottom line is, get your kids to bed early, no sleepovers this week, keep the pop (I’m from Ohio, that’s what it’s called) =) and junk food to a minimum.

Your kids are a joy to coach and I’m excited about Lone Star 2017. We have 97 swimmers coming this year! I think the Barracudas will do very well and will have a LOT of fun!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


This meal was discussed in detail in a previous post Simply put, eat protein, veggies, and fruit for breakfast.

Dinner Meals
Most dinners are typically complete with protein and veggies (which are unfortunately absent the rest of the day). However, many meals are incomplete as they lack whole grains, fiber, healthy fats, and healthy desserts!

A well-rounded diet should include
-Whole grain: bread, pasta, wild rice, oats, quinoa, etc.
-High fiber legumes (beans and lentils)
-Lean protein: chicken, fish, grass-fed beef, turkey, tofu
-Tons of veggies
-Good fats: avocado, olive oil, coconut oil
-Healthy dessert: fruit, smoothie

Now lunch is a different story, as many consume lunch in a cafeteria or restaurant, which provide meals unfit for high performance athletes. However, lunch should not vary much from dinner. In fact, having the same meal for lunch for dinner is a simple, effective strategy (simply cook twice as much food). If this is not an option, try to find a high-protein stir-fry with a ton of veggies and whole grain rice and fruit. Simply put, a low protein, meat sandwich on white bread doesn’t do a body good!

Most snacks include high sugar and processed carbohydrates. This combination impairs energy levels and recovery for workout. Instead, try consuming a better snack like a shake consisting of fruits, veggies, protein powder, and healthy fats.

Another option is Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with frozen fruit, mixed nuts, and protein powder.

One last idea, veggies and hummus dip (see below for homemade recipe), with a few hard-boiled eggs on the side.


Poster Party!!!

Hi Barracudas! The following is an email from Stephanie who has graciously agreed to plan the Barracuda Poster Party! It’s tradition before Lone Star. EVERYONE on the team is invited!

Barracuda Poster Party!

We would like to invite everyone (swimmers and their families) to a poster making party Tuesday, July 18th at 4pm. Rebecca Verlander has graciously offered her home, which is only 15 minutes south of the Benbrook Y. This is a really fun time for the kids to make posters to hang at Lone Star. We will also have cake in honor of Eden and Emma, as they will be moving right after Lone Star. All we need you to bring is supplies to make posters (paper, markers, any fun bling). Thank you, Rebecca Verlander, for opening up your home to us!

Lone Star Poster Making Party
Tuesday, July 18th, 4pm
101 Palomino Court, Cresson 76135

If you have any questions feel free to contact Stephanie Krohn (Jack’s mom) stephanie_krohn570-815-9688 or Rebecca Verlander (Jacob, Spencer, and Carson’s mom) 903-647-5505.

Lone Star entries!

They’re done! Relays are mostly decided but still a few spots up for grabs so I didn’t include those. I’m looking forward to a really fun weekend next week! Let’s go, Barracudas!!! And don’t forget to get those rock star outfits going.

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug


Top Times Spreadsheet 7.10.17


Top Times as of 7/10/17


What will Swim Mom shirts look like??

Forgot to attach images of what shirt will look like:

Swim Mom shirts!!!

Hello!I talked to my printer, and we can get Swim Mom shirts in time for Lonestar if we can get the order in by 5p tomorrow. They will be screen printed and we’ll be ordering the same soft, lightweight Next Level shirts. You have the option of getting a Crew tshirt, V-neck tshirt, or a Ladies cut Crew tshirt.
The store is open for orders. Again, Deadline is tomorrow, Tue the 11th by 5pm. Use the following link:

Swim Mom Life tshirts

Text me if you have any questions. 817-688-6006

Mel 🙂

Champs Results!

Good morning League Champion Barracudas!! Congratulations on another excellent meet! We haven’t tapered yet and I’ve worked these kids really hard this summer, and yet we still swam faster than I expected. I believe Lone Star is going to be fantastic. The results of the meet are posted in the Results section of the blog.

We even had some team records broken and some time standards met! I’ll post these later! Time for me to leave for TAT!

Please get those Lone Star entries in!

See you at the pool!

Coach Bug

Info on League Champs Meet at Town North YMCA PLEASE INFORM YOUR PARENTS

Hi Everyone

Town North YMCA is looking forward to hosting this weekend’s League Championships Meet! Here is some information your parents MUST HAVE!

Parking: Please park at the south end of the parking lot and enter the pool at the southwest corner by our Concession Stand Gate. Overflow parking is available at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, located at the corner of Midway and Northaven Roads. The lot is under renovation and there are several temporary fences and boundaries in place. Please do NOT move any of these to make additional parking! DO NOT PARK ON NORTHAVEN ROAD AS THE DALLAS POLICE WILL TOW CARS PARKED THERE!

Family Seating: While we have 10 lanes to make a large meet like this one run more smoothly and quickly, our pool deck is too small to seat families. Our pool has NO seating capabilities! Your swim families need to bring camp chairs and pop up tents to have comfortable seating during the meet. We do not have chairs or any kind of seating for spectators. Spectators may watch their swimmers from the turn end of the pool and return to their seating outside the pool fence.

Ready Bench Please have a coach or designated parent bring your team’s swimmers to the Ready Bench. Parents are not allowed to come to the Ready Bench area and wait with their swimmer for their event. Any parents at the Ready Bench will be asked to leave the area.

Timers: If you have parents who want to be on the pool deck we have a great opportunity! Please let them know we will need 30 timers to run this meet so please let us know if they are available for this!

Thank you for helping us with getting this vital information to your parents! We are looking forward to having a great meet!